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. >> and there is federal agents monitoring occupy pro testors turned out to be true. fbi released some records of surveillance so far from all of them. there is where we are live with more on this for us. >> this coming monday, basically marks a one-year anniversary of the first occupy encampment in new york city. and the occupy oakland group turned into one of the most-active in the country. aclu says they received documents confirming lots of people expected the federal government has been keeping an eye on occupy. >> newly lace laid sod being tended to. since demonstrators were evicted. a group of artists filling in a illustration commemorating one-year anniversary of the occupy movement. since it began, aclu has been concerned with how the fbi monitored occupy. >> there is an initial set of documents and gave us a whopping 13 page autos according to the page that's were released, fbi mostly concerned with mass demonstrations targeting port of oakland and oakland international airport. >> this is understandable law enforcement wants to be aware of planned civil disobedience. >> fbi not rele
. and this is a ban and carried out attacks around the weerld a muslim imam has been arrested in mexico. fbi confirms that he was arrested saturday on a probation violation in connection with a 2-year-old bank fraud case. expected of being part of hezbollah operating in mexico and presented a reportedly fake passport when arrested. >> just ahead, beating the high cost of having fun in the bay area. >> next, where to find bargains and have a good time. >>> no one has to tell you the bay area is an expensive place to live. >> no. >> and michael finney has ideas on how to help with that. >> i do have a few. and there is a community with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city's culture and diversity. best things in life are indeed, free. >> this is coming off summer there is a spending hangover. >> that is katie dunceworth the answer two of smart cookies books offering financial advice saying many of us spent a lot of money on summer trips and vacations, and more recently, on back to school expenses. >> and you're starting to add up bills and realize how etch pensive things have been. >> katie says sh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2